Grilling Steaks

The best steaks to grill are steaks that are marbled and under 2 inches thick. Keep the seasoning simple. Salt, pepper and granulated garlic. Only season one side of the steak first. Put it on the grill and when you flip it season the other side. If you season both sides before you put them on the grill the salt will draw the juices out.

For building the right fire for the steaks, the heat must be high to sear the meat and form a crust. Start by lighting your coals in the middle of the grill and when they are completely lit move a double layer to one side and a single layer to the other. Start cooking your steak when you can hold your hand 2-3 seconds over the hot zone and 5-6 seconds over the moderate zone. Knowing when to turn the steaks is also crucial. When cooking the steaks place them at a 45 degree angle to the bars. Grill 2 minutes and rotate 90 degrees. Do not flip. When you see tiny beas of blood beginning to form on the top of the steak (about 4-5 minutes one inch or 8-10 minutes for 2 inch) flip your steak. Never use a fork to flip the steak. You don't want to stab the steak. Always use tongs or a spatula.

When you steaks are done let them sit on the platter for about 3 minutes. This allows the juices to return to the center of the meat as it sits.

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